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The poet doesn't like to talk, so he lets his writing speak for him....
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  • I Wasn't The One She Loved
    I arrived at the pier shortly before dusk
    That was where some lovers met
    Lori was there with a handsome man
    It broke my heart to see her embracing him, ...
  • Our Last Goodbye
    Here’s a bunch of flowers for you, my darling
    Though you’re critically ill, you show no fear
    You stare death in the face courageously
    I’ll stay by your side until they lay you to rest ...
  • Memories Of Love
    My mind is full of bittersweet memories,
    Memories of the first time I saw you,
    Memories of the sultry look in your eyes,
    Memories of the feeling you gave me ...
  • Abbreviations In Jamaica
    Based on reality

    PNP means Perfidious National Party
    JLP means Jamaica Lying Party ...
  • I Am The Personification Of Time
    I was here before the universe was formed
    Total darkness surrounded me
    And then there were celestial lights
    When no life form existed, I was here ...
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Good 80 Long 68 Mind 66 Face 46 Stay 44 Thought 43 Live 43 True 39 Sweet 37 Hold 37

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Imani Jayden: Your writing is beautiful
Abigail gelant: You have a gift of using words to create strong emosions inside a person. Thank you for sharing that gift. Keep writing amazing poems

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