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The poet doesn't like to talk, so he lets his writing speak for him....
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  • A Lonesome Dreamer
    Daisy and I were optimistic dreamers.
    We fell for each other when we were young.
    Love blazed like a fire in our hearts.
    Roses bloomed and birds sang on our wedding day. ...
  • Winsome
    Let me say good night to the guests, family, and friends.

    Winsome, this is how I truly feel about you.
    Your name signifies the kind of person that you are. ...
  • Come Back
    The stars over our village no longer shine for you and me.
    And we don’t kiss in the light of the moon any more.

    My sorrowful eyes shed endless tears for you, my beloved. ...
  • Expressions Of My Emotions
    Sanae, I tell you the most romantic things that I can say.
    Darling, I promise not to speak any insincere words.
    I won’t say anything unless I mean it from my heart.
    Let me sing the thrilling refrain of an English love song ...
  • Independent Thinking
    What do preachers and teachers have against independent thinking?
    If you should not think for yourselves, who should think for you?
    The objective of my writing is to draw people’s attention to serious issues.
    I am an independent thinker and that is what I will always be. ...
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Imani Jayden: Your writing is beautiful
Abigail gelant: You have a gift of using words to create strong emosions inside a person. Thank you for sharing that gift. Keep writing amazing poems

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