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The poet doesn't like to talk, so he lets his writing speak for him....
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  • Break-up
    Yumi, I wish we hadn’t broken up in a public place.
    Everyone saw you walking away from me.
    And they heard me say, “Yumi, please don’t go.”
    I didn’t want to cry and hurt my pride, ...
  • I Asked Her To Marry Me
    A lady was waiting for a route taxi by the roadway.
    I stood beside her and she smiled at me.
    We were the only ones standing there.
    I said hello to the lovely lady and smiled back at her. ...
  • In My Sleep
    Inspired by a dream

    Four pretty girls live next door.
    They are biological sisters. ...
  • Online Communities
    Authors do not write only for the members of online communities.
    They write stories, poems, and songs to share with everybody.
    More visitors to websites read poetry than members of websites do.
    It is unfair that non-members are not allowed to give feedback. ...
  • Haile Selassie Is Not God
    Rastafarians will feel animosity towards the author of this composition.
    Emperor Haile Selassie was a wicked and corrupt ruler, not God.
    He did not care about the underprivileged people of Ethiopia.
    Millions of Negroes starved and suffered under his oppressive leadership. ...
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Phernnink : You are am inspired ...
Poet doesn't talk he let his writing do the talking
Imani Jayden: Your writing is beautiful
Abigail gelant: You have a gift of using words to create strong emosions inside a person. Thank you for sharing that gift. Keep writing amazing poems

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