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The poet doesn't like to talk, so he lets his writing speak for him....
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  • The Poem Of A Poetess Made Me Cry
    I was reading a sad poem that a poetess wrote
    She poetized her moving true to life story very well
    I had to stop reading in the middle of the poem
    And I read slowly from the beginning again ...
  • The Days Of My Kindergarten
    The kids in my kindergarten used to say,
    Good morning teacher and classmates

    The day before yesterday was a cloudy day ...
  • My Unusual Name
    My name is Pittinix
    I have the most unusual name
    The meaning of my name is unorthodox
  • Truth Cannot Be Derived From Beliefs
    The acceptance of anything as true does not make it true
    Your teaching is based on beliefs and hearsay
    It requires proof to confirm your religious philosohpy
  • Valerie
    I met a young African girl when I was 20 years old
    Her name was Valerie and she was very appealing
    I really liked her from the first time I saw her at the youth club,
    But I wasn't confident of winning the love of such a fair girl ...
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Good 80 Long 68 Mind 66 Face 46 Stay 44 Thought 43 Live 43 True 39 Sweet 37 Hold 37

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Imani Jayden: Your writing is beautiful
Abigail gelant: You have a gift of using words to create strong emosions inside a person. Thank you for sharing that gift. Keep writing amazing poems

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Unto the saints' sweet incense, or their prayer,
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