You Made Love To My Soul Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You made love to my soulA
My soul you have capturedB
You touch every part of itC
With strong feeling that no one mastersD
A feeling that only the spirit can understandE
The best unexplained feeling of loveF
Where one can't figure it outG
Cause it does not need configurationH
All it needs is soul to soulA
The air that you breath I breath tooI
The rate of your heart beatJ
Same as my very ownK
When u down no matter how far you may beL
I get down too because of the same spirit we shareM
When u cry I cry too my loveF
Because you my love you have made love to my soulA
This spark tht we shareM
Only heavens knowsN
What will became of usO
At times I cannot sleepP
When you are on my mindQ
At times I cannot eatJ
When I dearly miss youI
At times tears stream from my faceR
When I think of youI
At times my mind stand stillS
And I feel miserable without youI
At times I won't be able to speakT
Cause you are on my thoughtsU
That is because you made love to my soulA
Soul to soul it has been since we meetJ
Where you breathed in me the love u feel for me and so did I for the love I feel for youI
A promise I made to love u eternalV
For this that I feel for you can't be infatuationsU
Pure love from the deepest core of my heart it isU

Maite Lemekwane
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/28/2019


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Lee Gis: Wow... Amazing...
Husein Aiko: It's an outstanding poem. Personally i write love poems only that i find difficulties airing them live on the internet.i wish i could link up with this lady.

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