Dust that you are

I cherished and watered you
Not knowing that you soon to be dust
I never knew you
I never knew your smell
Neither have I seen your face
My perfect dust

All I knew of you
Is the stench of blood that I saw
A strong smell of the unspeakable
Is thy I know of you
My heart faded
When I felt warm blood on my body
I knew you were no more
I knew I lost you

When blood was followed by mystery of pains
I knew I was in labour
At such immature time
I knew you were not complete
I knew to dust you were returning
The dust tht you are

Thy did not stp me from imagining
Your beautiful smile
Your beautiful eyes
How could your voice sounded
How could you have laughed

All tht in imaginary
Cause I can never see u again
I can never take u back and mature you
My perfect little dust
In loving memory of thando and thoriso