Shell of my version

All mixed feelings that ravish within my soul
All that we are,all that we shares
A connection, a bounding session we do
The special feeling that has grown between the both of us
Although my heart shake with fear,of questioning all this
A shell of my own version iam..

Tears run through my face,like water that runs on a beautiful lake of Victoria force
Cause what I feel for you has deepened in to my soul
Fear struck my mind for I do not know of the fate in between us
Slowly iam dying internally because of fears within my soul
A shell of my own version iam

Questions without answers
Runs through my veins
I'm I good enough for a guy of your status
Do I fit to be part of you
Will we ever be approved to proceeds with this that defines us
I live,I breathes for you
Although all can fall apart in seconds
A shell of my very own version iam

Dear lover,I love you
Should I not fit in your world
Let go of me,so I can stop breaking my heart over you
King of my own kingdom
I adore you
Should I not be a queen fit for your royal kingdom
Let go of me
My love,destiny I can't force
Shell of my very own self i am

No matter how much i love you
Tht can't buy your love in return
Down I have been,love has failed me
Allow me to bleed this
Allow me to be who iam
A walking shell of my ownself

All I ever needed was a promise of eternal love
A promise of the future
A promise of me counting on you
A promise of me leaning on you
A promise of me trusting in you
A promise of life