Although the fire risen
I stayed and had hope
That it shall rain and put out the fire
I could have walked away
But emotions kept pulling me
Although the fire has risen

In the moments of fire
I became more of a slave
Than a queen ruling a royal king
I became a door mat
I was walked over without any remorse
Nor care if I was hurting
And the fuel added to the fire

Burnt beyond recognition
I lost myself... Self worth
I became more of a trained lap dog
I bowed to everything you told me
I became afraid to even raise my voice
As the fire kept burning

Most of the time I screamed
Hoping my voice will reach help
The world kept rejecting me
Kept slamming before my face
Until I lived with......

Thee thy caused the fire
Thy I trusted with all my life
Thy I loved with all my soul
Thee thy killed my soul
And left me wondering like a ghost
Like a door without a key
The fire keeps burning
Is death the ultimate solution?
So I ask the world...