Forever ever in my soul
Tears I have shed
You were there
At times I fell
You picked me up
When all hope was lost
You said it is well, fear not...
Forever in my soul

When I was drained
I knew where to run to
Grandma's hands is the best
Forever in my soul...

U left too soon my first lady
You left us with hearts gushing out blood
For this agony has ripped out our heart
Our souls stand still with no direction
For you left without a word
You never said goodbye
Forever in my soul

You left us to pickup our torn out hearts
And expect us to live without you
The agony of a stab wound penetrating our soul
Has become a norm for us
Forever in our soul ...

My super heroin
Rest at eternal peace
Love you always and forever
Even in the after life if such exist
Forever in our soul...