So many times I thought about yesterday
A day that I was innocent in every way
When I was just a little girl who was playing all day
And just cried when someone ruined my day.

A little girl who turned into a teen;
That time I started to dream of beauty 
Where I can only see kindness and humility
Which reminds us that love can give as free;

Now I became a little lady;
Today I dream of time that has no pain
A time that only love will prevail
No insecurities, no anger, no evil things!

But there is one question remaining unanswered
How could all these someday be real?
If I see people fighting here and there,
Oh my God they are everywhere;

I am hoping and always praying
Whoever read this simple poem
Would be reminded that God is real;
He sacrificed His son for us to be forgiven.

(by; MC)