Close your eyes, as though I'm away,
and you can sense me with you, every day,
I'm the warmth, that you feel upon your lips,
that feeling, that caresses, of your tender hips.

Close your eyes as you feel my touch,
as I am whispering I love you so much;
I'm the fragrance of your moist sweet perfume,
whose scent around you, so gently flows.

Close your eyes, when I'm out of sight,
you can sense me with you, every night.
I'm the pillow that lays underneath your head,
as you're lying within, the warmth of your bed.

Close your eyes now, as you feel my warmth,
I'll protect you and keep you from harm.
I'm the blanket that covers you at night,
as I cuddle you, caress you I'm holding you tight.

Close your eyes, when I'm not around,
and you can hear me in every sound.
quiet words I'm whispering to you from above,
speak of the joy and a bound-full Love.

Close your eyes, and I know you will feel,
a shining soul before you, as I do kneel.
to keep away all those tears, and loneliest fears,
my words of love, will be all of good cheer.

Close your eyes before you drift off to sleep,
feel me, caressing you in your dreams, you'll feel it
like the gentle touch of falling rain.
My Unconditional love for you, always remain.