My Dream Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


So many times I thought about yesterdayA
A day that I was innocent in every wayA
When I was just a little girl who was playing all dayA
And just cried when someone ruined my dayA
A little girl who turned into a teenB
That time I started to dream of beautyC
Where I can only see kindness and humilityC
Which reminds us that love can give as freeC
Now I became a little ladyC
Today I dream of time that has no painD
A time that only love will prevailE
No insecurities no anger no evil thingsF
But there is one question remaining unansweredG
How could all these someday be realH
If I see people fighting here and thereI
Oh my God they are everywhereI
I am hoping and always prayingJ
Whoever read this simple poemK
Would be reminded that God is realH
He sacrificed His son for us to be forgivenL
by MCM

Ma. Cristina Colima
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 06/29/2019


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Lynne : that's so good i like it!

Ian makokha: The poem is wow!and i hope to get more inspired to make my talent grow bigger.
maumba: exciting! ..
Patricia : beautiful
[email protected]: Nice poem. I can't even write a haiku poem. I'm so poor at writing poems. I need ur help

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