Many years ago I was living with depression
And all I wanted was just to be alone
But now I found myself smiling with no reason
Funny that sometimes you're in my imagination
Tell me, did you use any potion?

I can't even explain all actions that I'm doing
Even I am busy, it is YOU that I'm thinking
Rereading your messages makes me feel interesting.
Missing you so much if not receiving your letters
Tell me, why I have these feelings?

Looking at your photos doesn't make me feel boring
'Till I found myself daydreaming like a teen
The joy in my heart, I can feel it is flowing
Despite of the fact that you are just a dream
Because I know we are too far from each other.

This feelings, I am trying to ignore but I can't
Wondering how and when it started;
With mixed emotions "scared and excited"
Guessing if what would I find at the end
Askin myself if I'm ready to start another chapter,
Tell me, do you feel the same?

This happiness I am trying to hide
Even I don't speak, you can see it in my eyes
Even I don't admit, my heart confesses it
Now all I want is to see your face in a portraits
Tell me, how could I deny these feelings?