Who is Ma. Cristina Colima

She is a country girl That has a simple dream To love unconditionally And be loved faithfully Could it be possibly be? To be continued.... Born: March 26, 1982 Status: Single ...
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  • Father's Vigor
    To all dads whose stories are untold,
    who survives the storms and embracing the bold.
    In life's hustle, with their hearts so light,
    A solemn melody is woven in the night. ...
  • Radiant Choices
    Can I ask which would you prefer to hold?
    In life's treasury, is it a jewel or a heart of gold?
    Many say, "The heart is my choice, no doubt!"
    But why, in the end, I found the jewels win out? ...
  • Earth's Silent Cry
    Our Mother Earth is in crisis, please hear this call,
    Oceans weep and mountains bear it all.
    Be mindful, as each action imparts,
    A ripple of change in all our hearts. ...
  • Serenity
    What a wonderful creations you made, Oh God!
    Alone, but not lonely, on the path I've trod.
    In solitude, I ponder, my thoughts gently stirred,
    Missing them, not crying, in the essence of each word. ...
  • Sovereign Self
    Yes, I am a woman, but not just a woman you think,
    In life's forge where I stand firm and undeterred.
    Beyond motherhood's weight is my essence in ink,
    A force, a flame, a narrative distinct! ...
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Darren MacLennan: I love your Poems,so honest and open!
DJ MacLennan : I love your poems ,so honest and open!
James Bernier: So absolutely beautiful an touches ones heart an bring out a huge smile as read then hon❤️xo!
Maryam: I really like your poetry

Jignesh Tailor: Touching Poems, It's an irony that depression can have such a creative mind.
Ruramayi Megaton Kuhudzai: I love how your poems drift like the aroma of food into the nostrils till it arrests the whole organism.
Shaniel Gordon: Christina your poems are beautiful I love them so much ❤️
Ekene Peters: Cristina your poems are lovely. I particularly enjoyed 'dreams' and 'smiles'
anonymus: love ur poems so cool
keep it up

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