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Ma. Cristina Colima

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  • 1.  
    Close your eyes, as though I'm away,
    and you can sense me with you, every day,
    I'm the warmth, that you feel upon your lips,
    that feeling, that caresses, of your tender hips.
  • 2.  
    Last night here I had such a wonderful dream,
    if I wanted this dream, that could be anything.
    A dream that was granted to really come true.
    Simply dream just one night, to be with you.
  • 3.  
    Many years ago I was living with depression
    And all I wanted was just to be alone
    But now I found myself smiling with no reason
    Funny that sometimes you're in my imagination
  • 4.  
    Good morning to you! Great morning to you!
    Today is a new gift from up above
    For we are born again each morning we wake up
    So be sincerely thankful for this gift that you have
  • 5.  
    Inside of me, there are words
    that want to come out;
    Words that detained me in sorrow and in pain;
    For so many years it bound me in despair
  • 6.  
    So many times I thought about yesterday
    A day that I was innocent in every way
    When I was just a little girl who was playing all day
    And just cried when someone ruined my day.
  • 7.  
    It maybe just one word to hear
    But so effective like a medicine
    Imagine if a person is sad, a smile
    could turn his whole day around
  • 8.  
    It was another beautiful day went by
    Forget all bad times that made you cry
    Instead keep in heart all good memories
    Be thankful for all troubles that you faced
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Ruramayi Megaton Kuhudzai: I love how your poems drift like the aroma of food into the nostrils till it arrests the whole organism.
Shaniel Gordon: Christina your poems are beautiful I love them so much ❤️
Ekene Peters: Cristina your poems are lovely. I particularly enjoyed 'dreams' and 'smiles'
anonymus: love ur poems so cool
keep it up

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