In the beginning was the word of God
Ever weighty in the realm of His sway
The lot of th' wards is forged on His tod
Every yield is but subject to His say

With the word He has created His Word
Not from the fluid induced by the men
Nor was it plain like the beak of a bird
But as He wished to occur with the Pen

Jesus, His Word, was to Him but a slave
The Son of Man, nay, never of the Lord
Loved was he from the cradle to th' grave
And held esteemed among those we adored

The birth of th' Word was great as his leave
Like great grandpa, the semblance of Adam
Both from the clay as all Muslims believe
Via the womb of an eminent madam

He was sent to the lost sheep of Israel
He came to fulfil, not destroy the Law
The message was clear as brought by Gabriel
And the God's word is but without a flaw

Besides the lore and skill of the Gospel
Bestowed on him by the Maker of all
Jesus was blessed with feats of miracle
By God's leave, he shut the plague did befall

Among his feats, he could talk as a tot
He'd draw in the sand to make a live bird
All this by his own skill? Nay, it was not
But power from the Lord and gift conferred

He could cure the leper and heal the blind
The touch of Jesus to the sick was health
He could tell of the future from his mind
This rare grace on him was of holy wealth

Yet to the dead, he could render a life
And saved every soul from the bonds of sin
Hence, the ill-minds of Jews did rail in strife
And so walked to the path of their ruin

Hit, flog, lam, and knock him on the forehead
So did they claim the death of Jesus Christ
But he was not killed or raised from the dead
Neither was he nailed nor crushed on the crost

But was raised to the highest of the high
As to the God, let them say but the truth
Christ as the Son of God is but a lie
None of such from him was said in his youth

Just as they do in the message of Christ
So do Muslims believe in the report
And in Moses', in David's and the rest
But in the "sound", "full" form, not in the short

Muhammad has come to correct their wrong
And not to wrong the message of Jesus
By God, the truth has been told from his tongue
And we have known that Christ is more of us