I found a rose in the depth of the sea
The sight of which had soared my glee
Was I really myself or lost in a dream?
My this rare tour should make a theme

My aims are broad, I don't know how to start
How can I say the word that fills my heart,
To this gentle soul that takes my whole?
Who wins my minds and takes control

I am worried in the heart to make a move
"Hello!" Should I say, to start and prove -
Myself as a man, and to know her mind?
The guts to talk, my tongue couldn't find

Or I first ask her name, to show my feel,
With a smile on my face to make it real?
Common! O poor heart, why are you afraid!
This is a chance, you had better upgrade

At the sight of her face I moved onwards
"Ehm..." I was suddenly short of words
How my hearts did beat as if to burst!
Is it so hard to show my mind at first?

"Excuse me" my mind wanted me to say
Or "Can I see you?" could have been OK?
Thus was I scared to give it just a try
And wondered what could be her reply

Or could I use her close friend as a cover?
To present me to her as her silent lover
Or could I put the whole thing in writing?
And prove how great she is to my liking

I made up my mind to go for the latter
I wondered how best to launch the matter
Oh, I could see how hard to be a real dude
So the points of the work for thus include:

"The Love..." was all the pen could write
For hours, it shook and feared to recite -
The poem of love that filled my mind
Nor my pieces of dream could it rebind

Then it wrote "The Love is as rare as gold,
Just as rare as minds would really behold,
And could only be found in the depth of the heart,
But when found, it is hard to be set apart"

Thus I made a move to show my aim
And tried my best to have a name
On the list of hope and yet await
The good news to be set on a date