The world is worth its weight in gold
In the presence of this precious gem
Of all things in the world to behold
This treasure is the prime of them

I have swum, to the depth of the sea
And walked, to the root of th' land
But its semblance is no where to be
Nor can favour like our egos demand

Like a brass, like a coral in the coast
And at the core in the heart of the orb
Amid diamonds, it is precious the most
Of this, for minds, it is easy to absorb

To God lies the charge of every affair
But few of things can be found in odd
Oh! I can see why all things are in pair
One not another, is like a headless bod

Women to men are made to be mate
Women not men is like a hairless head
Men not women is like an empty slate
Who lives without other is a living dead

Don't kill your girls like peeps of th' past
Don't hate your girls for what they are
For not you know of the heirs to outlast
Or who of them to make you superstar

For marriage, it is her right to agree
Not to be forced to marry any man
Nor should charge on her, huge fee
Nor mar, for a right man, her plan

Take care, treat and love her as a wife
Mahr is her right you must not deny
Desist from what may cause a strife
Do not beat, slap, not even in the eye

She is your wife, a partner, not a maid
Or who told you, to you, she is minor?
Nay, but your second half and an aide
So guide her and lead her to Jannah

Mere objects of sex? Nay, it is wrong
And what man can do, women also can
Whether for a time short or even long
Even better than any other man

Deny her not of a right to the wealth
Left for her from the riches of her pa
Fear Allah, so don't devour by stealth
For the End is near, it is no more afar

Half a share, makes her no half a man
This is the order enforced by the Lord
As can be seen in His Book the Qur'an
So with the rules, it is better to accord

Women ranks are more than we think
Look to the past and pick up the fact
For from then till now, there is a link
To skew your guess and how you act

Women are great in many facets of life:
Religion, science, and even in the trade
For a man to succeed, behind is a wife
So honour, and treat her as your aide

Study Khadijah, Aishah and Mariam
And see how charming were their roles
How useful their model, how premium
To the rank of the women as a whole

As a mother, at her feet, your success
Treat kindly and adore her to your best
By her delight, your Jannah, an access
It is the fact so, do not take as a jest

Women are salt that make life sweet
Mother, wife, sister, daughter or queen
And as tools that make man complete
And even the helpers in terms of deen