In our home, where we dwell and dine
We rest, revel and our lives do shine
the gaiety of life in our world recline
and we build our lots for us to be fine

The beauty of shade that wakes at night
Is the shadow of life that makes us bright,
We raise no clash that leads to fight;
With the phlegm in the air our hearts delight

UNTIL the alien Belle comes to rob our joy
it gulls for its gleam and our home destroy
and the food of peace we no more enjoy
Our right is lost and been turned a toy

What was once a glee now being the past
But shall we allow this for a year to last?
Nay; the plots of the foes just need recast
And mend our home, and ourselves fast

Then let’s stand upright and make amends,
For Unity to reign, we must call for friends,
Interest aside, and follow ‘normal’ trends,
And make Jannah our hopes and ends