When we say the world is dark
They ignore and just tend to bark
How would they see this as a mark;
And look for where the reason to park?

All the ones we think and take as friends
To whom we tell our flaws and bends
They make our case a topic that trends
And tell us, the start of trust and, where it ends

It pained our hearts again and again
For we trust too much, with nothing to gain
Do they even know the cause of our pain?
They bother not to know, but yet they feign

We drink hot tears like we eat the cry
The more the pain, the more we try
To stop the tears, and shut the eye
Who, then, do we hope to make it dry?

We will trust no more, for its end is bad
We will look so hard to show we are sad
And snub their yell, maybe it makes us glad
And take good care of who to have and add

Oh the porter of fear why are you so tight?
Would you leave their case and stay upright?
But take your case to Him who owns the Might
To give you triumph and be alright

We hope to be glad and wash off the tear
And change our cloth from the red we wear
We will pray to the One we trust and fear
And change the tune from the grief we hear