As long as my anus keeps biting,
I shall scratch it with confidence,
And not in confidence.
For it belongs to me,
You see,
And I can't bear such pain,
Just to massage your selfish greed.

Whatever you think about me,
Or whether you hate or love my decree,
Contributes least to my social worth,
For I, am at ease
Must be free to tackle any unpleasant sensations.

I cannot change my intrinsic personality,
Nor encroach on my rights to scratch off biting junk, see,
So it's those who find discomfort in
My chosen actions, within,
Who must find a clue,
To transform their vision and construe,
The VALUE and WORTH that lies within me, anew.

Let their judgments fade into thin air,
As I embrace self-acceptance with flair,
I prioritize my well-being and peace,
So please, my freedom shall never cease.

So enhance your eyelashes in serene silence,
And indulge in delicate dishes, your preference,
But spare me time to soothe my rear in ease,
For freedom to scratch, in peace, I seize.