No bond unless with a tie
And real Joy is only divine
That's what no price can buy
So to Him let our soul incline

Love, they say, is just as blind
Devil by this our heart designed
This has even possess'd our mind
So, in worship our eeman declined

Join not those that sell their eye
For money and not by deen
Or for love to just a guy
For this you yourself demean

Marriage, by God, is clearly a bond
From its nature we cannot abscond
With right form we must all correspond
And seek help without going beyond

How would you knit without a tie!
As laid down by this our deen
Pls grasp it and do not decry
With pure heart and soul that’s clean

You dress just to please your Lord
Costly, yet the cloth you can afford
Surely, from Him is your reward
So, Sunnah hold and feel not bored

In your dressing you need not shy
Oh, they say your feats are green
But their notes are worth no reply
Just hold to that Supreme Being

In the veil, wallahi, you're gorgeous
As diamond, as gold are precious
So covered, you're too prestigious
What's more, you're even glamorous

So, let them say, for theirs is the lie
For always you're more a queen
And will be till the day you'll die
May God make it easy for you, ameen