Do you know of a part in yourself
That steers the person of your soul?
It stands like an electronic bookself
Which stores your books and goal
For a lot does happen in the head

The eyes that beam in the dark
Sometimes, they turn to be red
Their hot water of grief is a mark
When they cry and feel the dread
Aren't they the part of the head?

The ears that listen to catch the noise
All they hear are the songs of fear
In fact when they open and poise
To see if there is any hope to cheer
Aren't they the children of the head?

The nose that's used to feel good scent
Has just become the omen of gloom
Of what the nostrils bear and lament
And awaits the very day of its doom
Isn't the nose a neighbour in the head?

Of the mouth that is used to chant joy
And sings in the moment of delight
Is now the weapon that waits to destroy
The joy in the head; and turns to woe & plight
Isn't the mouth the main gate of the head?

The brain has lost its right to think
For it can't beer the weight of the load
And the words in it now off and sink
And has become for pain an abode
Isn't the brain the chief of the head?

These pains are too much for the head
Tell me where to buy ice block, I need cold
Maybe it can cool the heat in the head
Who to tell the story that's yet untold?
Who will lift the burden of the head?

Can't I just be bold and cut it off once?
And get rid of the lots that run in the head
For it has already died in cold silence
Or even burn the thing off and rest instead
Perhaps I can do without the sick head

How I wish the end just comes fast!
To carry it to the journey of the unknown
How long will the pain even take to last?
And free it from the sense of the mourn
Isn't the real self reside only in the head?

But I will wait for the best to come
And pray to the Lord of the worlds
To give it the rest, coz it needs some
And take it to its hopeful dreamworlds
Then make me the lord of the head