Beautiful women strong women
Loyal beings and lovable partners
In you I was trapped
Courageous and resistance

Come men let's celebrate them
Disfuring their outlook
Clean, launder and cook

On them we throw up, vomit and ease
On the back of women trap as kids
Our extraordinary Doctors
That easily interpret our agonies

Beautiful women strong women
Abandon father's home for ours
Disobey parents for their men
proudly work , sleep and stand with us

Beautiful women strong women
Shame on a man to extend a hand at you
Shame on a man to take out your luggage
Proud as man is a beautiful and strong women

Many give up trying to save a being
Others bear it up
Wonderful women smile a smile of courage
A courage we share together

Beautiful women strong women
With you we struggle and win
With you we share our genes
Our comforters, lovers and defenders