Who is Kehinde Bashir Akinola

Kehinde is a Nigerian Muslim writer, a poet, a teacher of English and a linguist....
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  • Tear The Fear
    When we say the world is dark
    They ignore and just tend to bark
    How would they see this as a mark;
    And look for where the reason to park? ...
  • We Aren't For The Red
    O you girls that have the ears to hear
    Will you read what I have for you here?
    Before you go out and walk on air
    As one to be used as a pet of the year ...
  • The Heavy Load
    Do you know of a part in yourself
    That steers the person of your soul?
    It stands like an electronic bookself
    Which stores your books and goal ...
  • The Cleanser
    When the radiant of grace appears above
    The world rejoices and grasps its love

    As the tiny arc proclaims the news ...
  • My Love Tour
    I found a rose in the depth of the sea
    The sight of which had soared my glee
    Was I really myself or lost in a dream?
    My this rare tour should make a theme ...
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Live 4 Great 4 Return 3 Sky 3 Sun 3 Shadow 3 Earth 3 God 3 Shine 3 Bring 2

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