Before, it seemed faraway
And now it is here today
In fact having seen it on the way
Foes of Allah are all in dismay

Here comes the Blessed Ramadan
When revealed the Noble Qur'an
I'm sure we have all made a plan
To recite it as best as we can

Gladly, Shayatin are now in chain
All of them and none remain
In everywhere and even in Spain
Are yelling under severe pain

This month is full of good
But how can they all be valued?
The following for such include
Study them with that jolly mood

First let's turn our heart to the Lord
And improve our deeds for reward
Bad deeds from now must be ignored
Good actions, instead, must be adored

We should know that fasting is a must
Thus in this month we need to adjust
And renounce every kind of lust
For our good rewards not to be lost

We must cut our time on Facebook
And give more time reciting the Book
From ills, we should avert our look
Non-mahram for you must not cook

Gates of Jannah are now open wide
And the Hells' are closed alongside
This is blessing which we mustn't hide
Give thanks and leave pretence aside

So His praise let us sing at night
And even when day is bright
Let's repent and stand upright
For He's Lord of mercy and might

Yah Allah onto you we pray
From Shaytan henceforth till the Day
Please save us not to be his prey
For Your Names we'll praise everyday