Today we've come to grieve and mourn
And yes, we're saddened our hearts are torn

But even in our state of grief
To some degree we have relief

Having to witness the deterioration
Of a man who was always an inspiration

Progressive Dimentia consumed our dad
Confused, angry, lost and sad
A diminished capacity was all we had

Yet as he faded into despair
His strength and goodness was evident there

So many things he could no longer remember
Yet, recognized the faces of every family member

No matter what his symptoms brought
For the recognition of our faces he bravely fought

Yes, today we may cry out
Dear Lord, what's this loss about

Perhaps its so that we can see
By his death he's been set free
No more illness, suffering or pain
He is healed and whole again

Eventhough we may be sad
Let's Remember the blessed life he had

So what are the momeries that
The comeradery he shared with Rugby mates

Not much rythm when it came to dance
But he'd show you his moves if you gave him a chance

The humorous Eddie that everyone knows
Especially when playing his dominos

But most of all let it be told
An admired, respected head of his household

A devoted father to all of us
Whose wisdom and guidance we knew we could trust

For 54 years he committed his life
To unconditionally loving his wife

Through it all our God knew best
It was simply time to bring Dad rest

By Crystal Koen