King David had a special way
Of writing psalms so he could pray
This is what I so admire
He'd tell the Lord all he desire

He'd pour his soul out on paper
And to his needs the Lord would cater
He was a man to God's own heart
This is what set him apart

Today I use my poetry
Trusting God listens to me
In Your word you state it clear
Approach my throne room without fear

You sent your son to die in slaughter
Saving me your precious daughter
Help me Father, Help me please
I'm focused on these raging seas

I come to you because i'm weary
Worried, stressed and constantly teary
Your Yoke is easy and your burden's light
I'm holding on with all my might

Declaring today as Jacob did
I won't let go until blessings hit
Praying in all ernesty
That You'll hear my urgency

This is not so I can test You
What I need is Your rescue
The future doesn't seem so bright
Diminish this darkness with your light

Tired of protocol, rules and norms
I'm tired of juggling all these storms
Tired of constantly living in lack
Restore unto me, please bring it back

Time to destroy and to burn
The locust and the Cankerworm
This prayer is not only for me
It's for my entire family
Sovereign, Almighty, All-Powerful God
For You, Nothing's impossible or too hard

I pray You'd break and reverse
Every bondage and every curse
Today, in Jesus name I ask
Mercy and Grace that's mean't to last

Crystal Koen