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  • A Father Died Of Dimentia
    Today we've come to grieve and mourn
    And yes, we're saddened our hearts are torn

    But even in our state of grief ...
  • A Prayer In Desperation
    King David had a special way
    Of writing psalms so he could pray
    This is what I so admire
    He'd tell the Lord all he desire ...
  • Let Go And Let God
    As I kneel down and i pray
    A gentle whisper comes my way

    The past I can not rewind ...
  • Birthday Wish
    For your birthday wish today
    I kneel down and humbly pray

    Thanking God for his hand ...
  • Restorative Justice
    How can we cause this land to see
    Through the history of you and me

    Exposing a system that for so long ...
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