Today we stand and advocate
That never again will we tolerate

Treatment which we don't deserve
Our self-respect we will preserve

Raising our voices to redeem
Our value, worth and self-esteem

Financial, emotional and physical abuse
Are manipulations weaklings use

To control, bully and dictate
To a partner, spouse or even a mate

Behaviour that causes some of us
Never again to love or trust

As mothers we are raising daughters
Witnessing beatings and female slaughters

What are the lessons we're passing to them?
That blue-eyes and bruises eventually mend?

By being punching bags today
We're teaching our daughters, abuse is okay

Let's be bold, courageous and strong
Rejecting treatment that is so wrong

The past we know we can't reverse
Let's stop the cycle and the curse

Simply chose to break the silence
Putting an end to all this violence

Just use the voice God gave to you
He promises he will see you through.

Crystal Koen