My past still holds moments of my sinful days;
Yet they look at me and can't see any flaws.
I have left the wrong path and my awful ways
To walk with the Lord in the light of His laws

They wonder at the persona I am now
And can't believe the offender I was then.
Can the vilest offender they used to know
Now turn the blameless among the sons of men?

But the saint I am now, I am by God's grace;
I was the prodigal son of yesterday.
Only by His grace have I come to this place;
I'm the same black sheep I was, that went astray.

The Shepherd searched for me; though I went away
And bought me back with a price where I was sold;
He made me the perfect saint I am today,
And restored me a member of his sheepfold.

So they stare at me and wonder if it's true
That I truly was the bane of yesterday.
And some even ask, "Can this really be you?"
So much in doubt that they know not what to say.

But I'm only the product of God's good grace.
The saint I am now - could not have been alone.
He picked me from the dust and transformed my ways;
And saving me from sin, He called me His own.

Now, how else shall I say of the saint I am now?
How else shall they hear of the saint I am today?
For e'en words fail me so much that they know not how
The saint I am now was the bane of yesterday.