Bad gone good,
Sour turned sweet hood,
Bitter turned joyful,
And that's the Lord in control,
Taking my worst and give
Me the best of love,
How am I to thank him?

On my worst days he's Lord,
On good days he's Lord,
He's nothing less,
But full of greatness,
A pain on my head he rubs off,
And my life he fills beautiful stuff,
How am I to thank him?

He says, goodness and
Mercy shall follow me end,
Even when ain't good to him,
And I don't sing a hymn,
Still his goodness are seen,
And I live big even when I sin,
How am I to thank him?

I'm a mess,
And less of grace,
I'm a dirty creature,
But he lays me on green pasture,
And wets my land when dry,
Rubs tears when I cry,
How am I to thank him?

On days when devil strikes,
He provides shield and box,
He fills my heart with confidence,
And does me good in influence,
He's forever faithful,
And mercy in him full,
How am I to thank him?