A female lad,
And from male was made,
A rib single,
Brought much love, all
In one crazy human,
One they call woman,
The broad love of the world,
In one delicate basket, bold,
A servant to the world.

Strange enough in time,
Her love filled to the brim,
Best on the worst days,
Lights the tunnel when darkness falls,
Giving when it ain't plenty,
Her love sweet scenty,
A rare breed on the male,
Can't you see that?
A servant of the season.

On her belly, nine months stayed,
Kicking her inner circle bald,
On the ninth month,
Pain she faced bond,
But still, by her side stayed nine years,
Feeding on her breast two years,
Dancing on her back many years,
She never showed displeasure,
A servant for the mass.

A definition of love,
Her heart clean as dove,
A lighter in darkness,
A provider in hunger,
Thirst quencher,
Broad with servantship,
A cleavage of power
A heroine, of all time,
A servant office.