She was dragged into pain,
Her heart in bitter ordain,
And her dress, wet with tears,
That flow from heart bars,
In her eyes were evidence,
That dragged down hers confidence,
Broken and bitten.

Her nights were like days in hell,
Nightmares on every close of an eye, deal,
Hallucinations on every light off,
Headaches on every thought stuff,
And tears on every memory on sight,
She just couldn't control hers heart,
Deep inside, swords piercing.

He was slain by sword,
Right before hers head,
Her screams couldn't save,
But make her onto pool dive,
A pool of blood, right on
Hers room, bitten sunken,
The reason she ain't herself from birth.

Depressed, oppressed,
Enslaved in chains deed,
Craving for a life that'll
Build her to a seal
She lives in fear of disappearance,
Because she already did confidence,
Down herself lives depression.