I'm ran over by love,
All I see in you dove,
Call me crazy?
Yeah, I can be only for you,
And maybe our baby,
Who's deep down sleeping,
They call me mad,
Yet they never seen saw you naked.

My sight has been clogged
By your signature in my heart,
I can't see them slays,
My heart focused, and boom
Won't lose focus
I wanna be an excellent student,
With you we excell in
The field of love, a career secured.

Them people go mad at us,
They cry dry tears in silence,
Matching our goals they've failed,
And that's love not strategies,
On theirs eyes we are evil,
On ours heart we're top level,
In my heart, down inside,
I made a lifetime seal of you.

I'll love you when they talk,
And make love to you when
They sleep, sealed by nature,
Lifetime cuddles are what I need,
Wait, did I say need?
They're what I want,
With you on my arms all night,
And in my heart all lifelong.