No, she ain't a ditch,
Got right mind,
And flexible smile, bind,
On the roads they extend,
Even when her heart is a bend,
The girl I call a friend,
Soldier girl.

Her heart wide and huge,
On it a friendly badge, new age,
She receives all,
And gives them bell,
Shes a creative friendly soul,
I won't let her slip off,
Walking away is like climbing a cliff.

She's controlled by principles,
And her chin was slapped by principals,
She got me thinking safe,
Because her heart ain't scam,
A machine in nags,
Sweet though ain't a brag,
To the moon, she too me,
And there, we spending time sweet.

Broadness is hers dream,
Sleeping she's always in nightmares,
Clinging on her chest,
And taking oaths to serve,
I love her, goo friend above,
Ain't bragging, just got greatest,
And of all she's perfect,
Not so perfect,
But more than less perfect.