When I was a kid,
Smiles filled my face,
Even with porridge for lunch,
I still felt comforted,
Wiping down to the last drop,
Full stomach for a fool in me.

When I was still fresh,
Walking with buttocks showing
Out of buttons wasn't my business,
Dirty and smelling clothes were good,
Blossoming inside the without complain.

When I was growing,
I learnt to avoid porridge,
And demand for ugali,
Watching not their struggles up,
Cries when not well fed.

When I was developing,
I learnt not to accept a piece of ugali,
Bread and chapati were main,
Sucking his pockets even
With no thank you note,
Grabbed with no force.

Now that I'm all grown,
Burger and pizza are main options,
Taking from him after a mjengo,
Grabbing it all for a descent make up,
No gratitude, or clarification.

He doesn't complain after all,
He smiles when I plead,
And gives when I beg,
He borrows when I demand,
And lacks when I have.

A hero above heroes,
He gets crucified, I eat fried,
He gets beaten, I keep biting,
He sleeps hungry, while I eat angrily,
To God, blessings to my dad.