Planted in my thoughts like a tree is your cute face
Making this illusion fling me into a state of confusion
This infusion refused to let my confused heart flip
Delusional have I become because this myth is so harmful

Longing for love from the deepest root of my being
But all melting into the mist for my heart full of doubt
Veins become vulnerable in me
Leaving my heart to bear the cost

It was joyful shaking of the heart at first sight like the earthquake
Longing to be with and never to quit
Pleading to quench my thirsty soul
But our love vision flashes before my eyes

My heart keeps fluttering in the flawless melody
But this fickle and fragile heart was once broken
So I got to tread consciously for these frivolous creatures got a venom

This heart shiver and skimmer
As my lonely eyes keep searching for the dreamland
For I just want to find the love of my dream
It's hard, I know but keep dreaming for your dream will soon come home