Borklo Solomon Poems

  • 1.
    My heart beats when you remind me,
    Helpless do I feel at your knock at my door.
    Where can I run to? Oh death!!
    When I run to the North, South, East and West,
  • 2.
    What a wicked world we live in?
    Full of corruption and chaos,
    People been denied of their rights.
    Oh what a wicked world?
  • 3.
    Love oh love,
    You are sweeter than honey.
    You make things easy without money;
    Everything smiles at where there is love
  • 4.
    Loneliness, oh Loneliness,
    There is one word I want to say
    But who to listen is my problem.
    People say I have nothing important to say
  • 5.
    No love is comparable to mother's love
    Inspiration when life becomes tough
    Mother's love is unconditional and eternal
    Sacrificial lamb for the child
  • 6.
    Night frawns on our hope and belongings,
    And left us hopeless and stranded.
    New dawn renews our hope,
    And makes all new and beautiful.
  • 7.
    Do memories last forever?
    This thought runs through the mind of thinkers.
    Memories are destined to fade,
    But your most important memories,
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