At night, her pillow is made wet
With the tears that snake down her chin
Thinking about a glorious past.
That has been shattered by surprise,
Which can't be priced.

Bitterness she drinks each night
Thinking about what tomorrow will bring.
With so many mouths to feed.
Lonely as she lay, thinking of needs.
Trying to be optimistic day and night.

Hustling each day with hope;
Oh!! God!, Bless my struggle,
Let my ways be right
And my investment flies like a kite
Elevate me to higher heights.

Clinging to hopelessness,
Never bein' able to separate
Oh, my heart is so sad,
It's making me feel sad.
Struggling in this lonely world.

I wish a wish,
A dream of brighter days was washed away.
Shameful and confused I became
For there is no one to open up to.
I lost the only pal l had.