My culture my heritage,
Heritage so great than the mileage
Culture endowed with riches
A culture that stands tall like the iroko tree
The ancient way of life that can't be overlooked

Its legacy is our strength
Our whereabouts and what makes us
Our breakthrough and our future
Our togetherness and uniqueness
Like the lion we remain, African warriors

My culture my pride
A culture of warriors who toil for our survival
Ancestral way of life that runs through our vein
So attractive to the stare
A culture so deep to the core
Netizens hold fast to your culture with dignity

Inherent of heredity as heritage
A culture like a mother
Gathering its children like the heap
Holding tight to its offerings like the glue
Revealing profound mysteries like a puzzle
So I say my culture is my pride

Beautifully crafted in us is our culture
Hoping to bring us a beautiful future
So my culture is my dignity
For we can for tale all our uncertainty
But solidly we stand;
As one people, one nation with one destiny