loneliness, oh loneliness,
There is one word I want to say
But who to listen to me is my problem.
People say I have nothing important to say
Just give a listening ear to my say.

Open your ears and listen to my plight
I was ignored because I'm poor
Being poor does not affect my cognition.
Oh no, oh no
My ideas may be useful to the rich
My bitter experiences can make an impact

I want to speak, I want to speak
They say I don't have anything
Oh poverty, see what you have done
Intellectuals are rendered useless
Because of you, poverty I'm useless
Am left alone not to talk

What a disease you are!
You made man lost in his Loneliness
The young also have a bit of advice to give
Lack of money I stand to watch,
My people perishing for the love of money

Titles are not vans of wisdom
Loneliness, you lost me in the dark
The poor also have something to share
Friends left me cause am poor
He who loves, be my companion.