He penetrated my body
With utmost force
Pulled, squashed and twisted
Tortured and battered.

I resisted with equal force
Fought with painted claws
Shouted for help
At the top of my voice.

I tried with all the might
To lift the weight
Kicked the core of the manhood
But to no avail.

My strength drained
Thigh fell away
Dignity, honor
And womanhood violated
Body succumbed
To his power and control.

He seeded me
With a nightmare
He follows me everywhere
His existence
The living testimony
Of his evil.

Inundated with thoughts
To get rid of this nightmare
But conscience dictates
There is life
Who is dying to see the light.

I delivered him
Into my uncertain world
But when I look at him
It pains my heart
I could not bear to hold him
He reminded me
Of that awful night.

I want to be freed
Of this nightmare
Spread my wings
Soar the world
And taste every morning
For which a wonderful
Future beckons.

I kept wrestling
With my feelings
With him around
It might be wonderful
But it is so painful.

I voluntarily relinquished
My absolute rights over him
To someone who really cares
And loves him

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan- Austin, All Rights Reserved