She was broken up
Into seven thousand
One hundred seven pieces
Of unproportionate sizes
Mother Nature compensated her
With the longest coastline
In the whole world
The deepest point
On the planet
That man can ever dive
And the most biologically diverse
Waters of Mother Earth
More diverse than the clouds
And stars above.

She is as pure
And beautiful
As the Mother Pearl
Lying in the heart
Of the Orient Seas
Her beauty captivated millions
They want her
Keep her
As their very own.

But her beauty
Has its own curse
Nature puts her
On fire
On the edges
Of the largest ocean on Earth
In the Pacific Ring Of Fire.

She is as just big
As the Mini Mouse
Compared with the GiantPanda
Its breadth and dimension
Have been laid down
Since time immemorial
In accordance with the laws of men and God
Anchored by the values
Of equality and respect.

Her territorial jurisdiction
Is just enough for her children to settle
And divide among themselves
Yet super powers
Of different colors want
Her bluest seas
Her whitest shores
Her longest coastline
Her deepest waters.
Her volcano which peak
Claims the sky with the
Most perfect cone in the whole world
And that Philippine Eagle
That soars and dominates the vastness
Of the sky, the largest of all Eagles
With its mighty wings
It can even reach the heavens above.

Oh! Our beloved Philippines
We love and adore
In your great bosom
We seek refuge
And solace
Your beauty
Gives us a taste of heaven
Your love
Gives us the strength to conquer all evils.

No man
No nation
Could ever take your place
In our hearts
In our minds
Even in our very souls.

No man
No nation
Could ever conquer
You once more
Under the mighty hands
Of super powers
We would rather die
A zillion times.

Every single fish and grain of sand
In your seas and ocean
Every bird that flies
Above your sky
Every fauna and flora
In your forests
Every Filipino
From Womb To Tomb
We shall protect and respect
Until our last breath.

These, we swear
Under the name
Of our heroes and ancestors
The Youth to whom
Our hopes and burning dreams
Will continue
To all Overseas Filipino Workers
Who sacrificed the comfort of your love
For posterity of one's country and family
And to the One Above
Our Almighty God.

Copyright 2019, Rose Marie Juan - Austin, All Rights Reserved