He was selected
From among the finest
Of all men
To carry the loads
Of millions of fathers.

He got hundreds of millions of children
With multitude personalities
Some are in the right wing
Others are in the left wing
Still others are moderates.

He holds great power
Vested by the millions
He watches over
Yet, his authority is clipped
With checks and balances.

He got noble intentions
Initiated reforms
For the good of all
Majority submitted to his power
Others desperately wanted him gone.

He reached the fork in the road
And he tightened his grip
To his power
Changed tactics
And ruled with an iron fist
Cut the tongues of his children
And broke their wings.

He tasted
The absolute freedom to rule
Like a wine
He wanted more
Intoxicated by the desire
To be the first in everything
The one who has been told finest
Has turned into a beast.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan- Austin, All Rights Reserved