I wake up everyday
Before the alarm clock
Jolts everybody awake
Ahead of the roosters
Before they start to crow

I stay at night
Until everyone is asleep
Drink coffee or coke
Just to stay awake
Pinch any part of my body
When I get drowsy.

I am a night owl and lark
Because of you
To imbibe you
Commit to memory
Every details of you.

My grandfather bequeathed me
A plan
A considerable sum
To be embarked in you.

What it yields
It does not shine like gold
It cannot be valued like silver
It cannot earn interest
Nor double your wealth.

Robbers cannot forcibly take it
Away from me
Forces of nature could never destroy
For it has been embedded in me
Only for me.

It is a timeless endeavor
That will take me to heights
A treasure
Unlike any other
That prepares me
For life ahead

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved