Sky watching
On top of a mass of green and brown
Sitting knee to knee
Forehead to forehead
Under the blue star.

Two hearts beat as one
Dreams that are so high
They can move mountains
Enable us to leap
And meet the blue star.

We belong
To two different worlds
Set by a social class
It meant nothing to us
But the rest of the world is harsh.

The night is windy
It seduced and ironed
My natural curly hair
Like the way you used to do
Everytime we meet
Under the blue star.

You vanished into thin air
But I am here
All alone and lonely
With bended knees
Under the blue star
I pray for your safety.

You have gone to
Another country
To its city
Where stars are plentiful
And beautiful
White, yellow, brown
Black and tan.

You want to prove
To everyone
That someone
Like you could turn
The world upside down.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved