Scars Have Past Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Every day you see your ScarsA
The scars that define your pastB
The scars that define what you areC
The scars that will interfere with your futureD
That it has no hope of fading awayE
Those blood is overflowingF
The blood that always defines youG
Cause blood is traumaticH
The blood that you have to be strong withI
Your blood is your tearsJ
The tears of no hopeK
The tears that are heavy that you can no longer hold themL
People telling you weak That only children can be depressedM
People telling you that it's just a small problemN
People judge too fast although they haven't seen what I've seenO
The mouth has to stay quietP
Have so many words that need to be set freeQ
Free from my mind cause of anxietyQ
But I can't justify the truthR
Cause they will never understand the truthR
But those scars are everythingF
You just have to forget what you have heardS
Forget what you have seenO
Forget the painT
But hope still fades awayE

Richmond Gellez
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/17/2019


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