Mind On Fire Living With Depression Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Depression comes up whenever someone hurts you so badA
Comes from the words of those cruel peopleB
And from those who physically abuse youC
Sometimes you just have to cry it allD
Desperate from hope love and faithE
The mind full of fireF
Eyes full of tearsG
The mind full of anxious thoughtsH
With the eyes cries with pure bloodI
The blood that defines your pastJ
With the word happiness turned upside downK
Although the world is upside downK
That sometimes you can no longer understand it allD
That you just have to understand it allD
So people can understand youC
Suicide overcomes your thoughtsH
Lost your hope of livingL
Lost your way to GodM
Sometimes we question our selvesN
Is there really a GodM
Attempted suicide many timesO
We're only humanP
How are we supposed to stop our selvesN
Our life is stuck on these never ending cyclesQ
That everything keeps reoccurring again and againR

Richmond Gellez
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/17/2019


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KURT GERIC DILI: I like it much

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