Life is a coin
With two sharp side
One side like a moon
One side like a blade
My choice is clear
A blade is not a toy
Even on the nails

But life is a coin
It rolls at is will
And place it choice
Before your feet
It is deaf to wishes
If not
I won’t be here

Who will see my tears?
At this side I am tossed
Life here is hell
No friends in need
No blood in pain
No love in want
This side is not a joke

From the window
I watch life in the moon
Its cool and pretty
The home of the lucky ones
The paradise I dream
Coffee before cockcrow
Wishes set before saying

But Here I am
with thirsty tongue
With wan wears
I dream to write
But I have got to work
A long walk to stardom
The story of this side.