The Bitter Side Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Life is a coinA
With two sharp sideB
One side like a moonC
One side like a bladeD
My choice is clearE
A blade is not a toyF
Even on the nailsG
But life is a coinA
It rolls at is willH
And place it choiceI
Before your feetJ
It is deaf to wishesK
If notL
I won t be hereM
Who will see my tearsN
At this side I am tossedO
Life here is hellP
No friends in needQ
No blood in painR
No love in wantS
This side is not a jokeT
From the windowU
I watch life in the moonC
Its cool and prettyV
The home of the lucky onesW
The paradise I dreamX
Coffee before cockcrowM
Wishes set before sayingY
But Here I amZ
with thirsty tongueA2
With wan wearsN
I dream to writeB2
But I have got to workC2
A long walk to stardomD2
The story of this sideB

Ola Olawale
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/19/2019


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Mo Az: The bitter side shall get better. Good read. Keep writing and inspiring. Hope you could give feedback on my poetry too.

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