One Day
Though it may be years unknown
We shall over come
And our land will be free
From the hands of dictators
Grips of greedy minds

Who lord over our land
Water and air
Like their inheritance
And will

They will leave not at will
Until we defeat them
On and off the field
Uproot their ideas and thoughts
Among our peers
In the mind of every young and old
From every part of our existence
And set our mind for a new order

Till then
Our freedom will remain
A mystery and mountain
Our land will be a place of slavery

Our road will remain a grave
Our hospital will be home of quacks
Our children will have no place to learn
Our young ones will have hands without skills

Our women world will be a place without pride
Our men will be in bed at noon
Wake up at betting house and tweet
Salute ‘that man' for peanut

If we ask and act
Our land is redeemable
If we keep setting on the fence
With thousand tongues of excuse
Our land is irredeemable

Remember !
Freedom comes with price
Let rise and be free
Or let sit and be slaves