The Crisp of her lips
The sweetness of her booby
The touch of her hand
The cuddle of her arm
The glee as she stare
The tone of her voice
The sparkling of her teeth

Will make any soul
Seek her hand
And a walkout to that place
Where he is deaf to his name
Answer to anything she pronounce
Even if it is doggy sheepy or funny
That pleasure is immeasurable

Do not blame him
He is spell
By her charming skin
By her irresistible petting
So slow and steady
Every man wants to be there
Even me!

How beautiful is our world without them?
How cool is our night without them?
How dark is our world without them?
Dear Mistress
Call my name
Toy with my beard
If it is the sacrifice I have to make!
To have my turn,

Who cares?