Life is full of ups and down,
Mixed with happiness and sorrows,
Success and failure,
Profit and loss.

Happiness are not ready made,
Is a painstaking effort of yesterday,
Pains are fruits of being unmindful,
Except it, it wont last forever.

Most successful men failed once,
Failure are the foundation of success,
Don’t give up by failing,
You are paving your way to success.

To gain something,
Have to run in lost sometimes,
Success is like a pyramid,
With no space at the top.

Fall in love,
Love it from heart,
Do not expect & attach,
Love as they do,
Expectation kills you,
Beloved keeps changing,
The enemy can become your love tomorrow,
Life is beautiful,
Once slip is a thousand slip,
Suffering is common thing,
Every human being share,
Happiness and sorrow are inseparable,
Success and failure are part of life,
Profit and lost is two side of a coin,
Be strong & die for non.